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We have already talked about math learning apps for Android and iOS before. These apps allow you to study and brush up on mathematical concepts regardless of where you are. But what do you do when you get stuck on a problem and there is no one to help you out? The answer is easy. There are tons of apps and websites that you can use to solve math problems in no time. So if you don’t want to depend on anybody, here are some of the best math solver apps and websites you can try. Let’s begin.

How to Tackle Homework with Math Solver Apps

1. Mathway: Scan Photos, Solve Problems

Mathway is the most recommended app when it comes to math problem-solving apps. It covers a large area of mathematics such as basic math, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, etc. So whether you want to solve basic square roots or word out complicated limits and derivatives, this one is the only tool you may need.

Mathway also allows you to connect with experts. You can submit your question for a fee of $5/month (one pending question at a time) or $30/month (1st plan + 20 sessions live with experts).

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To start solving problems, all you have to do is select a subject area and take a photo of the question. Moreover, if you want to type in the question, you can do that with the keyboard as well. The numbers on the keyboard keep changing according to the subject of your choice. The best part is that it shows you steps to solve each problem. However, it is behind the paywall and would cost you $9.99/month. This also removes ads.


  • Cover multiple areas (algebra, trigonometry, calculus, etc.)
  • Supports three types of input (keyboard, camera, voice)
  • Stp by step problem solving
  • No sign-in required


  • Ask an expert might be costly for many

Get Mathway for (iOS | Android | Web)

2. Slader Homework Answer‪s

If you have a lot of math questions, taking a picture or typing each problem can be a big hassle. Since most math problems are extracted out of textbooks, why not simply scroll through the questions/answers from the book itself? This app does exactly that. You can scan the barcode of a book or browse from the category of the books already solved.

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In addition to high school math (pre-algebra, geometry, trigonometry) and upper-level math (differential equations, statistics, etc.), it also covers other subjects such as English, management, accounting, etc. Although the app has a large database of books, there are chances that you won’t find the book you’re looking for. Moreover, most of the advanced math books are locked. So you can only view them by upgrading to a premium plan that comes at $3.99/monthly.


  • Find math solutions book-wise
  • Clearly shows chapter number, page, and exercise number
  • Users can rate and comment on solutions


  • Very slow to load
  • Tons of banner ads
  • Limited database of books
  • No option to scan questions

Get Slader Homework Answer‪s for (iOS | Android)

3. Cymath – Math Problem Solver

Cymath is similar to Mathway, however, I like it more because of a few additional features. But before that, let’s first talk about the common features. Both math solver apps allow you to capture math problems and have keyboard input as well. However, Mathway has far more sub-fields of math when compared to Cymath. I tried a few algebra questions where both performed well. However, Cymath often showed errors when I ran trigonometry questions.

In conclusion, if you want to cover a large area of subjects and want extreme accuracy, Mathway is still better.

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Cymath shines in a few other aspects, for example, the history section and the ability to bookmark solutions. This comes in handy whenever you are stuck and wish to refer to an old problem. In addition, it also has a learning tab that has common references, practice questions and also discusses one problem each week. The plus version comes at $4.99/month. It removes ads, shows the step-by-step solutions, and even answer why a certain step is used (in addition to how).


  • Covers most topics (algebra, calculus, graphing)
  • Clean interface (easy to browser)
  • Supports image and keyboard input
  • History and bookmark option


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  • Stumbles a bit on accuracy
  • Not as comprehensive as Mathway

Get Cymath – Math Problem Solve‪r for (iOS | Android)

4. Geometry solver ² lite

Most math solver apps don’t deal with geometry, but here is an app that does it well. So the next time you struggle to find the area of a figure or you cannot recall a specific formula, you know where to look. You can easily toggle between 2D or 3D figures from the sidebar. Moreover, all the figures are given in a listicle form along with a line diagram for easy understanding.

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The calculation is also extremely easy. All you have to do is add the variables and the app will show you all the results live as you change these variables in real-time. In case you do not want to rely on the auto-calculation feature, it shows all the formulae in the same tab for quick reference as well. While all the formulas are free, the calculator for several figures is locked. On the plus side, you can simply watch a 15 seconds video ad to unlock them. If you do not wish to see ads, you have the option to remove ads and unlock all figures by paying a $3.99/one-time fee.


  • 2D ad 3D figure section
  • Auto-calculator with variables
  • Lists all the formulas (area, perimeter, centroid, etc.)


  • Purely a geometry app

Get Geometry solver ² lite for (iOS | Android)

5. Google Lens (Homework)

Did you know you can use the Google Search app to solve math problems? Very few people know about it and I’m sure even less actually use it. In order to use this feature, you must have the Google Search app installed. Simply tap on the camera icon and select the Homework option from the bottom. Now all you have to do is point the camera towards the question and adjust the frame accordingly.

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If the app can scan the question successfully, you’ll get a preview for the same. If it’s not accurate you have the option to edit the question. You can also view the solution step-wise. Google also has another problem-solving app Socratic (iOS, Android) that covers all subjects. You can try that as well however it doesn’t allow you to upload questions from your gallery. Hence when your friends send you a problem on WhatsApp, using the Google Search app is a better solution.


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  • Free app
  • Shows step by step solution
  • Allows you to edit the question
  • See similar questions/concepts with Google search results


  • Not a dedicated math solver app
  • Might not work for advance math

Get Google Search App for (iOS | Android)

6. QuickMath

If you prefer using a PC over the phone to study, you should check QuickMath’s website. The website isn’t fancy but easily solves basic math problems. Similar to the math solver apps we have discussed above, it solves math problems automatically. Whether you are in school or college, it covers a vast array of subjects. You can solve simple equations, algebra, calculus, percentage problems, etc.

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The website is easy to browse and all the options are well laid out. You can click on the type of question from the side or top bar. Once you scroll down, you can also view a step-by-step solution for any given problem. In addition to that, it also provides a brief explanation for each step.


  • Easy to switch between types of questions
  • Solves both basic and advanced math problems
  • Features help and tutorial section
  • Step by step explanation


  • No option to upload questions
  • On-screen keyboard is a flimsy way to type (personal choice)

Get QuickMatch for (iOS | Android | Web)

7. WolframAlpha

Wolfram is often called a search engine for solving problems. Unlike Google which heavily relies on search results, Wolfram uses deep computational power (extremely sourced and curated data) to solve mathematical equations and has a vast variety of areas it deals with. You can solve problems related to elementary math, algebra, calculus geometry, etc. To begin, type the question, upload a picture, even just paste a link containing the question.

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Wolfram Alpha will likely solve all your problems. The only hiccup is that a lot of great features are exclusive to the pro version which comes at $5.59/monthly. This not only unlocks step-by-step solutions but also adds useful features like practice problems, guided calculators (finance, nutrition, etc), option to download results, etc. If you are a student, I highly recommend you try this. It’s a great factual resource not only for solving maths but other subjects such as chemistry, engineering, economics, stats, etc. too.

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  • Solutions based on factual data
  • Covers most subject besides mathematics


  • Useful features behind the paywall (step-by-step solution, download results, etc.)

Visit WolframAlpha

Closing Remarks: Which Math Solver Apps Should You Choose

In my opinion, Mathway is the perfect app, to begin with. It deals with most of the problems in addition to being accurate. You can type, use voice command and even capture questions to find answers. If you’re on PC, try the QuickMath website which will work in most cases.

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Vaibhav is a broadcast journalist with a keen interest in tech. He doesn't believe in fanboying a specific product. He writes about things he believes are actually helpful in some way to the user.

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What app gives you all math answers? ›

Photomath is the world's most useful math learning platform, with millions of learners of all levels checking homework, studying for tests, and making new math discoveries every month. With access to a full library of explanations for selected textbooks, including word and geometry problems!

What's the best website to get math answers? ›

In this article, we have compiled a list of these websites that will help you to figure out the solution to any math problem.
  • Mathway.
  • Photomath.
  • Microsoft Math Solver.
  • Cymath.
  • QuickMath.
  • Symbolab.
  • Chegg Math Solver.
Oct 26, 2022

What is the website that has all the math answers? ›

Wolfram|Alpha has broad knowledge and deep computational power when it comes to math. Whether it be arithmetic, algebra, calculus, differential equations or anything in between, Wolfram|Alpha is up to the challenge.

What's better than PhotoMath? ›

The best alternatives to Photomath are Google Assistant , Snapsolve and Euler Assist.

Can PhotoMath solve everything? ›

There is a red frame in the PhotoMath app that you have to use to capture the equation. PhotoMath's ability to read math problems has its limitations. PhotoMath can only read printed text so your handwritten notes cannot be solved by the app.


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